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Linda Bergh

My passion is to empower people and awaken the possibility of wholeness in their lives.  I am at home working with people of all ages and in all situations.

This journey began when I was 14 years old, running a day camp for children.  Now in my 70’s, I have spent my life living this passion in the capacity as public school teacher, Waldorf teacher, college professor, adult educator, community organizer, and licensed psychologist and guide in the threshold of dying and death care.  I hold 3 masters degrees: psychology, counseling, education.

Early in my life while in Berkeley California in the 60’s & 70’s, I realized the need to grow myself and there began the inner transformation meeting Gestalt therapy, depth psychology, body work and spirituality, particularly Anthroposophy.

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Kirsten Bergh

In my fifties I experienced the death of my 1st husband Paul and a year later an accident where I faced my own mortality and the death of my daughter Kirsten.

With the intention of healing, I sought to find the ground again, to transform my experiences.  Through spiritual work, art, writing and the love of my community I was sustained and held as I moved forward in my life.  Through their deaths I also began my path into home vigils.

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Linda at Jack’s home vigil

I married again-a wonderful man –  Jack.  As he faced lung cancer in 2005, the idea of conscious dying blossomed and we documented his end of life journey in what has became  The Most Excellent Dying of Jack Heckelman. Following Jack’s death, I wanted to pay forward what I had been given and assist others in facing loss and death.

My life has prepared me well to accompany and assist you and your family and community.  If someone calls, I am there. I have : 

  • Assisted families with their advanced directives and home vigils
  • Taught end-of-life classes throughout the midwest and nationally
  • Spoken at churches and conferences and sung at funerals
  • Helped create and support The Minnesota Threshold Network
  • Distributed the film about Jack’s conscious dying and vigil
  • Joined the Morning Star Singers, a local threshold choir
  • Joined the NHFA (National Home Funeral Alliance)
  • Written articles for local and national magazines, and a chapter in the book Where the Tree Falls, the Forest Rises: Stories of Death and Renewal

More about Linda’s life story

contact :  Linda Bergh 612 927 0894