beholding the threshold

Nina’s Story

Marianne Dietzel Author Laughing in a Waterfall A Mother’s Memoir PUBLISHED 2010 Excerpt From LAUGHING IN A WATERFALL Arrival Finally, after 8:00 pm, Stu, Dennis, and I went to the Elinson’s and found a house full of high school students waiting together. Flowers had already started arriving. We met many of Nina and Kirsten’s […]

Paul’s Story

In 1995, when my first husband Paul was dying in the hospital, we knew we wanted to have the privilege of taking care of his body, and having a home vigil. We didn’t know if we could do it, and we didn’t know how to do it. While I was at the hospital 24 hrs. […]

Deborah’s Home Death and Vigil 2008

THE HOME DEATH AND VIGIL FOR DEBORAH Embracing death with grace, dignity and faith by Lauren Carlson-Vohs (a reflection on Deborah’s passing and vigil from a good friend) A dear friend’s valiant journey with cancer ended recently. Only in the last days before her passing did she reluctantly let go of her steadfast resolve that […]

She Would Draw Flowers

SHE WOULD DRAW FLOWERS by Kirsten Savitri Bergh. Please visit for more information about this book. This poetry book, written by a 17 year “young”woman, embraces life, death and love in a way that invites us in. Authentic, light-filled and down to earth. FIFTH EDITION  BEING PUBLISHED 2009 with NEW CHAPTER   More poetry and […]

Kirsten’s Story

In 1996, my daughter Kirsten Bergh,17, and her dear friend Nina Dietzel, 18, died in an auto accident in New York state, where they were attending a Waldorf High School. I was in that accident. A home vigil was held for them in Harlemville New York, and the Twin Cities Waldorf Community came together here […]

Utne Reader Article on Jack

To Live With No Regrets By Nina Utne, Utne magazine September / October 2005   Death is a transition for the dying — and for those left behind I recently stopped by the house of our friends Jack Heckelman and Linda Bergh for an evening of singing and music. Like the others gathered there, I […]