beholding the threshold

Morning Star Singers The Morning Star Singers is a group of volunteer singers who offer songs of healing and comfort to those struggling with living or dying. They sing for free at hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, and private homes within the Twin Cities. They were founded by singer and song leader Barbara McAfee. She leads the group […]

Marianne Dietzel

Marianne Dietzel :  Certified Music Practitioner Marianne Dietzel <> 651 633 0432 She is also the Author of   Laughing in a Waterfall : A Mother’s memoir I have known Marianne and her family since 1985.  Our daughters died together in an accident in 1996, and Marianne  now plays the lyre for those at this threshold, has written a […]

Minnesota Threshold Network

MInnesota Threshold Network : Created in 2008 This informal group informs and educates interested people in the Twin Cities about home funerals and green burials. They were instrumental in supporting the 2010 law that was enacted to bring more choice to families wishing for home funerals. On their website they have relevant resources and have […]

Distribution locally available from Linda Bergh

She Would Draw Flowers by Kirsten Bergh. I self-published 1997 this book of my daughter’s art and poetry. She died in a car accident 1996 at 17. My Ethical Will by Jack Heckelman. 34 minute DVD of his message. The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckelman I distribute this movie about my second husband […]