beholding the threshold

Jack’s Ethical Will

THE ETHICAL WILL OF T. JACK HECKELMAN I have been privileged beyond belief to have lived a wonderful life – a life of excitement, adventure, fulfillment and service. I have lived many places throughout the United States, as well as Japan, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Alaska, and Hawaii and have been in 55 countries in the […]

Jack’s Life Story

Theodore Jack Heckelman January 23,1923, Los Angeles Ca – April 24, 2005 Minneapolis MN Jack Heckelman’s great love and concern for the earth led to a life of 50 years of environmental and social justice activism. He was a world traveler and enjoyed living in the fascinating cultures of Japan , Indonesia , and Egypt […]

Linda’s Life Story

“…In truth, it is life that gives unto life…[we] are but witnesses.” Kahlil Gibran “Oh, I am so glad that you are taking the canoe out onto the water again.” I smiled as we lifted the craft from its nest of grasses—it was like Linda to express gratitude for this moment. Was it not she […]

After Death Care for Jack

Jack Heckelman When my second husband, Jack Heckelman, died recently, he had thought about his plans, and he knew that he wanted to have a home vigil, and wanted to be cremated. Even so, we had not made exact plans for taking care of his body after death. We had been so busy living, and […]

Jack and Linda’s Conscious Cancer Journey

I met Jack in 1998, three years after the death of my first husband, and two years after the death of my daughter. It was wonderful to fall in love again. We were married in 2002. Two years later, August 2004, Jack was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. Jack lived eight months after the cancer […]