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You Tube Videos on Home Death Care

2011: Videos on U Tube show the experience of caring for our own: A.  “Leon’s Home Funeral,” made by his daughter: B. From Sacred Crossings, a 5-minute video “empowering families to create personal and deeply meaningful funerals”: C. From After Death Home Care, an 10-minute instructional video:

Book by M.Dietzel

Marianne Dietzel Author Laughing in a Waterfall A Mother’s Memoir PUBLISHED 2010

DVD on excellent dying of Jack

A new video on conscious dying and home death care is available. Nancy Poer has copies: trailer availalbe. Movie has won two national documentary awards. locally  Linda Bergh has copies. go to contacts and e mail.

resource book on home death care

Undertaken With Love  Wonderful booklet to help individuals or groups prepare consciously for all aspects of death, including home death care

MN Home Death Care: Choices Booklet now available

New Law Gives Minnesotans a Natural Choice for Care of Deceased The MN Dept. of Health finished updating “Choices,” a 22-page booklet on the disposition of a dead human body. The first paragraph sets the tone nicely: “Death touches everyone eventually, and when it does, there are many important decisions to make. Whether one decides […]

Green Burial: Women’s Press article

Theresa Purcell, Minnesotan involved with green burial, is featured in an article in the Women’s Press May 3, 2009. The story features her growing involvement in the home funeral movement with a specific interest in green burial. Click here to download pdf of the article

Radio Show on Home Funerals

NPR April 30, 2009 aired a show on home funerals. It is quite helpful.

Jack’s Ethical Will

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Important facts about home death care and vigils

The reasons for caring for our own after they have passed: We can be in charge, and make the decisions that are right for our family (within legal limits). It allows more time for close family and friends to have a safe and known environment to say goodbye.. This promotes closure, and can shift the […]